2007 World Ving Tsun Hall of Fame

by Darrell Jordan

Darrell Jordan, Honorable Chairman GM Chan Chee Man, and the Executive Board members of the World Ving Tsun Athletic Association, are proud to announce the induction of Grandmaster Wang Kiu and Sifu Rene Ritchie into the 3rd Annual WVTAA Hall of Fame for Grandmaster and Sifu of the year. Their unselfish hard work and propagation of our beloved art of Ving Tsun kung fu is very much appreciated by this organization. Grandmaster Wang received his award in Aachen Germany with the opening speech delivered by the Mayor of Aachen, Mrs. Hilde Scheidt. Sifu Rene Ritchie received his award in a private ceremony in Canada.

(Dieser Artikel erschien im April 2008 in "Kung Fu Tai Chi magazine", Heft März / April 2008.)